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I'm married with two beautiful daughters and live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm a Professional Network Marketer building a global business with Zija International.

Week 4 – I quit giving 90%


I’m really enjoying the Master Keys. Charles Haanel sure was a clever dude. What amazing insights. I’m enjoying the process of learning how the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and Universal mind are all linked.

It’s incredible to realize that we can ‘place our order’ with the Universal Mind and it HAS to be delivered to us, as long as we believe in the process unconditionally.

What a shock to learn that I’m a drug addict! My belief blueprint is chemically induced and NEEDS it’s daily chemical fix! So that’s why I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. My blueprint needs the chemical called alcohol! Hmmmmmm, maybe that’s not a good enough excuse.

I must say that I’m also finding the act of giving really nice. We have ‘car-guards’ here in South Africa and I usually find them irritating because I know that if someone wanted to steal my car, the car-guard wouldn’t do a damn thing. So, I see the car-guard concept as simply another way of begging. Oh dear. that old blueprint is NASTY! See car-guard video:

Now I have started to give gladly to these car-guards and I feel good about it. Thanks to the MKMMA teachings and process, I’m becoming a nicer person! At least I think so!



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Week 3 – Old BLUE Putting His Foot Down!

Oh yes, we were warned. Our old blueprint won’t take this NEW blueprint building process ‘lying down.’

I’ve found that my momentum has slowed a bit. Initially, during weeks 1 and 2, I was rushing around trying to get everything done in time and my enthusiasm was high. Now that I’m on top of things and coping well with the new technology (Word press) and routine, I feel a bit impatient because my outer world hasn’t changed enough yet! Where’s the new house and car and huge monthly income?

Just kidding. We all know it’s going to take a while. Mark said 4 to 6 weeks before we can expect to see change. Damn, if only it were easier and quicker!

Self discipline is definitely a key component of this process. Chipping away at the old cement takes persistence and consistent effort. It’s weird to discover how stubborn the old blueprint is. I see my old blueprint as my enemy now! It has foiled my conscious attempts to create a life of abundance and I want it to crumble into dust and blow away in the wind.

Yet, when considering this carefully, it’s not the old blueprint’s fault. It simply obeyed MY old instructions (beliefs about various things, observations, negative talk, propaganda input from the media, pessimism from others around me – anything and everything allowed in because the guard at the gate was sleeping!) and created the outer reality in accordance with the inner instruction-blueprint.

Ah, but now I know at a conscious level where things have been going wrong. Besides the knowing, I also have the tools and processes to bring about the change.

“So blueprint, be prepared for an overhaul! The old has not worked so you’re going to be replaced with a shiny new effective, abundance-producing blueprint.”

Today my old skin has become as dust.


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Week 2 – Pieces of a Powerful Puzzle


For someone who prefers to go to bed early and rise at 3am, I am finding the late night Sunday Webinars (10pm to midnight South Africa time) quite a challenge! However, the process is proving to be very rewarding. The puzzle pieces are coming together – DMP, PPN, index cards, BPB, GS scroll, MKMMA alliance and many other elements are all fitting together rather nicely. For so many years I was focused on the METHOD and taking ACTION in order to get results and yet, mysteriously (until now) the outcomes I achieved always seemed to melt away over time and I would find myself struggling to maintain the abundant life I was creating. Very exhausting and frustrating, yet I saw the same thing happening to so many others around me. Little did I realize then that the cause of the effects lie in a self-sabotaging, flawed blueprint created by years of failure-inducing conditioning. Thanks are due to a government schooling system which taught us (as young impressionable children) NOT to think for ourselves and NOT to look within for answers. A system that taught us to get an education¬† and then go out to work in a JOB, be grateful for our salary at the end of each month and strive to climb the corporate ladder. On top of this we were conditioned by the media machine to get a better car, bigger house, nicer clothes etc.(even if we couldn’t afford it), because these things were supposed to create our socially acceptable identities! Some of us manage to break out of the JOB scenario to courageously pursue our dreams by starting a business. This though is often fraught with heartbreak and despair, as Og says in scroll 1 – “..the bodies of those who have failed, were they piled one atop another..” Yes, most of us were destined to fail because we were never given an education structured around TRUTHS. The ‘beliefs blueprint’ which resides within all of us was the ‘key’ to our success all along but it remained hidden from our awareness, yet it was growing into a powerful influencer, even without our conscious awareness. The problem is that it was influencing us in the wrong direction! The direction of failure and frustration all because of flawed programming by our own conscious thoughts. We were simply not taught to be careful of what we focused on as it would impact our subconscious mind. What an amazing realization – to now grasp that the subconscious mind is a part of the Universal Mind! When we direct our thoughts consciously, systematically and constructively we place our mind in HARMONY with the Universal Mind and come in tune with the Infinite. We set in operation the mightiest force and creative power of the Universal Mind. This is how we can manifest the abundant beautiful lives we all want and then keep it. The MKMMA program is bringing all the puzzle pieces together nicely and we’re only two weeks in!


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Week 1 – Wow!

After being accepted as a scholar on the MKMMA program, I waited just over a week for the first kick-off Webinar on a Sunday night (South Africa time).

The excitement had been building steadily as both my wife and I were on the program and this is the first time we embark on a self-discovery program together (or any self – development program for that matter).

Sunday the 28th September 2014, 10pm arrived and SPLASH! Right into the deep end we landed. Kind of like an enormous belly-flop!

Wow, overload, overwhelm! So much to take in and, oh boy, so much homework. It’s been 35 years since I last got homework.

BUT an extremely strong sense of excitement soon replaced the concern as My wife and I listened intently to the Webinar. Heck, these people behind the MKMMA program are so well organized! And they sound so excited as well. We are sure in good hands.

I know it’s normal to feel overwhelmed initially but Mark, Davene and the team have put together such an amazing program here that we quickly felt at ease. We’re in for the ride of our lives!

The biggest adjustment will be in our daily routine for sure. Fortunately for me I’m an early riser so I’ll be able to comfortably complete the written assignments in time. However, a change is required during the day as well. This whole process will very quickly change my mindset. I can feel it happening already and it’s just wonderful! A different focus, a more keen awareness. I find myself being more aware of my thoughts, feelings and reactions to events going on around me. It’s incredible.

“As within, so without” – what a simple yet powerful concept and it makes so much sense!

Master key 8: “The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is a what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.”

I’m sure there will be many challenges along the way but I am ready for them.

A really BIG challenge came our way early on Tuesday morning that sent the ‘old blueprint reaction of fear’ coursing throughout our being. We quickly realized that we have a choice how to react and we chose to move forward confidently and guess what. Literally an hour later the problem was resolved and the fear was gone.

I want to get to a point where I have such a healthy, solid belief blueprint characterized by optimism and confidence in an abundant future, that fear-inducing events don’t even crop up anymore. I’m sure it’s possible and I’m going to create that!





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