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Week 4 – I quit giving 90%


I’m really enjoying the Master Keys. Charles Haanel sure was a clever dude. What amazing insights. I’m enjoying the process of learning how the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and Universal mind are all linked.

It’s incredible to realize that we can ‘place our order’ with the Universal Mind and it HAS to be delivered to us, as long as we believe in the process unconditionally.

What a shock to learn that I’m a drug addict! My belief blueprint is chemically induced and NEEDS it’s daily chemical fix! So that’s why I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. My blueprint needs the chemical called alcohol! Hmmmmmm, maybe that’s not a good enough excuse.

I must say that I’m also finding the act of giving really nice. We have ‘car-guards’ here in South Africa and I usually find them irritating because I know that if someone wanted to steal my car, the car-guard wouldn’t do a damn thing. So, I see the car-guard concept as simply another way of begging. Oh dear. that old blueprint is NASTY! See car-guard video:

Now I have started to give gladly to these car-guards and I feel good about it. Thanks to the MKMMA teachings and process, I’m becoming a nicer person! At least I think so!



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